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Functional Competency dictionary for Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Below is an example of Functional Competencies required for personnel engaged in Quality Assurance and Quality Control:

DEPARTMENT: Quality Assurance and Quality Control
Cost estimation & control
Basic knowledge about the:-
§      Capital budgeting
§      Cash flow / funds flow analysis  
 Understands all cost drivers, its relationship with key areas, compare with fixed targets and scope of improvement of assigned area.                                         
§     Compilation of the data from various sources
§     Keeping records of costing and various types of expenditure made on the various materials.
§     Analyzing the gap between budget allocated and actual budget.
§     Analyzing the gap between given target and the actual target achieved
§     Monthly review of costs and expenditure of procurement/material handling.
    In depth knowledge about:-    
§     Capital budgeting
§     Cash flow / funds flow analysis
Budgeting (various expenditure on raw material, stores, spares and procurement of materials)
Review all the cost drivers, implementation of related improvement plans and assess the impact on overall cost structure and savings.
§     Analyzing and interpretation
Co-ordination with purchase, Stores, Sales and other departments for proper and timely accounting for expenses, income, acquisition of fixed assets and liabilities.
§     Costing (product costing, element wise break up) on a periodic basis
§     To develop benchmark rates to extent possible for RM and encourage competition among suppliers and reduce the procurement cost of RM.
§     Proficiency in various project evaluation techniques such as,
§     Capital  budgeting
§     Cash flow / funds flow analysis
§     What if, analysis
§     Monitoring & control proper
§     Accounting including capitalization of various project
§     Scrutinizing of ledger & sub ledger accounting at quarterly and yearly basis including capitalization of various projects
Understands the cost drivers, its criticality & reviews the implementation of cost saving schemes. Provides direction for innovative measures for cost control
Quality Consciousness

§  Conversant with national/international standards, customer specification and quality systems.
§  To ensure the quality is as per the laid norms and their application to the process
§                  To understand the quality aspects of the processes in plant & mines, QMS and its interdependencies with other areas and recommending improvements.
§                  To support our suppliers to test RM as per laid norms along with the feedback on quality to suppliers and regular interaction with the plant.

§     Reviewing the  procedures and systems for quality surveillance and establishing the quality policy for entire function and regularly evaluates the relevance and applicability of quality parameters
§     Ability to identify, analyze and recommend improvements and solutions to the product quality; Ability to precise quality deviation report Ability to identify quality defects  & plan preventive actions based on the monthly recovery reports
§      Ability   to take   cognizance of   Feed back   from the marketing personnel   on  the  customer  complaints  and ensure   customer    visit,   complaint    investigation   and incorporation  of  the  preventive  actions
Progress Monitoring
Resource planning and its effective utilization
Monitoring of progress and anticipating constraints.
Organizing resources to take care of unforeseen events.
Detailed knowledge of modes of measurement as per IS or other applicable standards.
Review of material planning, their timely availability and control on inventory.
Co-ordination with other disciplines.
Cost estimation and Cost control techniques.
Anticipate constraints and delays from progress reports and initiate actions in advance.
Sequencing and time estimation
Co-ordination with other functions.
Cost and time monitoring and ability to introduce cost reduction methods.
Materials Management
Prioritizing of various activities
Scrutinizing and advising in change of priorities
Progress monitoring and reporting
Visualizing and ensuring operatability, maintainability and reliability of the system
Strategic planning
Third party / customer inspection/ Joints analysis.
Conversant with customer PO, Stock of the material and identification of the material.
Conversant with requirement of PO, standards and QAP.
Handling all third party agencies for clearance and certification of material.
Preparation of manufacturing feasibility reviews on enquiries received from various customers.
Preparing the schedule for TPI after consulting with marketing and logistics.
Responsible for understanding and translating customer needs in terms of process and product performance.
Systems Management
Implement Small Group Activities TPM, WCM, QC, Kaizen etc.
Ability & vision for change implementation.
Ability to capture managerial experiences & knowledge on the job
Suggest & implement process improvements
Effective use of Small Group Activities to attain excellence in operations
Ability to de-bottleneck capacities
Inquisitiveness and willingness to learn and implement new things
Clear focus on cost implications in each area of activity
Ability to focus on measurement
To ensure adherence to statutory requirements relate to all aspects of plant activities.
Ensure maintaining relevant database
Ability to manage working capital effectively
Problem analysis and solving skills
Ability to apply measurements in all areas of working to quantify output & performance
Ability to identify impact of market forces on company finances
Human Resources
Resolves minor problems and complaint on an informal basis.
Resolves and recommends formal or informal performance / disciplinary actions up to and including dismissal.  Decides on staffing, appointments, promotions, reassignments, etc.
Develops departmental polices and procedures. Takes action on performance recommendations
Exercises delegated authority for all personnel administration actions, to include difficult, controversial or sensitive issues.
Software Packages
§  Operation of MS-OFFICE for documentation of data and preparation of letters, equipment specifications, etc.
§  Generating report through SAP as desired by Upper Management
§                  Knowledge of MS-OFFICE for documentation for preparing reports.
§                  Maintaining record with help of SAP, Managing information system to upper level
§                  Supervising and monitoring proper functioning of SAP in F&A module of their respective area.
§     Knowledge of MS-OFFICE for documentation and data analysis
§     Design the modules of SAP as per the requirements, Integrated Supply Chain Information Technology
§     Responsible for monitoring the EDP activities of Finance & Accounts Department, checking need for any new programme/software to be developed and ensuring the smooth flow of data.
Rules, regulations and norms
Must have knowledge of rules and regulations related to power systems and norms set by the government. Knowledge of ISO (EMS & QMS), 5’s ,TPM & KAIZEN etc
Must have knowledge of regulatory compliances, ISO (EMS & QMS), 5’s ,TPM & KAIZEN etc.
Implements rules and regulations mandatory inside the department, ISO (EMS & QMS), 5’s ,TPM & KAIZEN etc.

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