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Survey Methodology

Survey Methodology
The main objective of this project is not only learning the theoretical aspects but also get practical knowledge of every aspects related to employee satisfaction. I was given opportunity to work on every massive part of the project, which could give me a bird’s eye view of the whole organization. Following is the methodology I have used in survey:

Primary methodologies for conducting employee satisfaction survey-questionnaire (paper-&-pencil). The choice of methodology should be based on what is best for the respondents – best in terms of convenience, ease of use, and trust in the method in which case Internet is more cost effective. If all employees are substantially all employees have access to the Internet from work. Internet / Internet is my recommended methodology.

It generally results in a higher response rate and is faster than paper-and-pencil. It also give a little more controls in terms of how the questions are presented and gives the ability to require that certain question should be answered. Organization has a secure system, there is no issue with regard to confidentiality of sending result when an Internet survey is done. If only a small percentage of employees have Internet / Internet access from work than preference always go to using the traditional paper-and-pencil methodology.
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