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Scope of the Organizational Survey

Scope of the Organizational Survey

Rapidly growing organization.

When an organization is growing quickly, it is critical to find out how employees feel about their job, the organization and their future within it.

High or growing turnover rate of employees.

Growing turnover is a problem for any organization. Some industries have a naturally high turnover, if your absolute level of turnover exceeds the industry average, then industry can have a problem and to solve such problems an employee’s satisfaction survey is required.

Excessive rumors.

A strong rumor mill is symptomatic of other problems in the organization. Tease can include miscommunication, distrust, and fear. Only a survey can uncover the extend to which any of these issues exists.

Planed or recent organizational changes, including change of leadership.

Change can be difficult for many people. If not handle properly, productivity and profits can decline.

Highly competitive industry.

In a highly competitive industry, turnover minimization, and productivity and creativity maximization are keys to success. Staying in touch with employees is necessary to facilitate continued competitiveness.
Contemplated changes in pay and benefits.

You most know, what needs to be “fixed” and how much “fixing” it needs to maximize return on invested money and people resources.

Influencing Factor

The sense that one’s work makes a meaningful contribution both in quality and worth.

Recognition and appreciation of one’s work, and conditions, which are conducive to respect and help from colleagues.

Optimal levels of variety and challenge and training to minimize fatigue and boredom workers should be able to vary activities.

Opportunities for personal and professional development trough contributing in company’s mission.

Working conditions, including the mental environment.

Workload levels, which need to be neither too high nor too low.

Trust in top management or senior lead of the company.

The opportunity to participate in decision-making and to contribute ideas and opinions on practice.

Having an avenue to express dissatisfaction and measurement of job satisfaction, and have to deal with efficiently and effectively.

Although work satisfaction is sometimes hard to measure, research methods, facilitated small group discussion and survey can be used to determine attitude and perception as well as satisfaction. 
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