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Employee Satisfaction Survey Introduction and Objectives


The term job satisfaction was brought to limelight by Hoppock (1935). According to him job satisfaction is a combination of Psychological, Physiological & environmental factor that makes a person to admit, “I am happy at my job”. It has also been defined as the ‘end state of feeling’ it is an important dimension of moral and not moral itself.

Job satisfaction has been considered as a state of condition where people are:

1.       Induced to do work efficiently and effectively;
2.     Convinced to remain in the enterprise;
3.     Prepared to act efficiently during contingencies;
4.     Prepared to welcome the changes;
5.     Interested in promoting the image of the organization; &
6.     More happy and satisfied with their job.

Job satisfaction is an individual feeling, which could be caused by a variety of factors. Job satisfaction is a distributive phenomenon. Job satisfaction refers to a general attitude towards work by an individual worker.

There are two variables, which determine the job satisfaction-

1.     Organizational

2.     Personal

The level of job determines the job satisfaction. The higher the level of the job, the greater the satisfaction of the individual. This is because of higher level jobs carry greater prestige and self-control. This relationship between occupational level and job satisfaction stems for social reference group theory, in that our society value some jobs more than others. Hence people in valued jobs will like them more than those who are in non-valued jobs. The relationship may also stem from the need fulfillment theory. People in higher-level jobs find most of their needs satisfied than when they are in lower-level ones. In addition, there are also other organizational variables like job content, type of leadership, pay and promotional prospects, interaction in the work group, which affects job satisfaction of a person.

The personal variables like age, educational level, sex and so on are also responsible for satisfaction are dissatisfaction of some people.

The different aspects that largely affect the job satisfaction are as under:

1.       Opportunity to learn a job.
2.     Steadiness of employment.
3.     Supervision.
4.     Pay.
5.     Cooperativeness.
6.     Working condition.
7.     Cleanliness.
8.     Working hours.
9.     Communication.
10.  Recognition.
11.   Individual adjustment.
12.  Group relationship outside the job.


For Organization:

Ø      Consciously and continually aiming to improve the quality of working life as means of increasing motivation and improving results. This survey involves increasing sense of employee satisfaction obtain from their work, so far as possible, reducing monotony, increasing variety and responsibility and avoiding placing people under too much stress.

Ø      The critical success factor of organization.

Ø      The opportunity and threats facing by organization in terms of rate and direction of growth quantified wherever possible.

Ø      Organization can shapes the progression of growth.

Ø      Continuous change and launch organizational initiatives that will have the greatest impact.

Ø      Workers can facilitate high standards and a safe and nurturing environment.

Ø      It is useful for organization to know how employees view the workplace, pay, and benefits their supervision.

Ø      To reduce the barriers between communication.

Ø      For the improvement of the organization, survey can provide the data for future policies and strategies.

For Employee’s:

Ø      Individual within an organization can get opportunity to improve.

Ø      To recognized the need of employees for providing training program.

Ø      Due to lack of facilities provided by organization, people are not working efficiently and it has indirect affect on their performance and outcome, so assessing their needs, working conditions, providing learning and development opportunities, helping skill development through training interventions and planning.

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