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Talent assessment and segmentation

In the last post(Functional Competency Assessment Form), a method and format was described to find the gap between the present level and required level of competencies and subsequently a lead/lag ratio was calculated. Now the question comes where to use the lead/lag ratio? In this post the ratio will be used to identify and assess the talent and consequently to make  talent pool. This talent pool is a pool of potential candidates which may be considered for promotions in future and for succession planning. Further this exercise has vast applications. it may be used for cross-training, training need identification, multi-skilling, transfers to other departments depending upon the the skills possessed by the employee, skill based incentives, etc. Again this is a connecting post hence the methodology and step by step procedure may be read from previous posts. You may start it as:

1)Competency Mapping(CM)
2)What is competency?
3) Steps involved in Competency Mapping
4)Purpose and benefits of Functional Competency Mapping
5)Performance and potential matrix
6)Methodology for Functional competency Mapping
7)Employee Information Form(EIF)
8)Technical/Functional Competency Dictionary
9)Functional Competency assessment form
10)Now Talent assessment and segmentation 

Talent assessment and segmentation (TAS)

(Plant / Functional Head to identify career stage of the individual concerned based on the following criteria)
Manage Self
Manage others
Manage Managers
Individual   Contributor   having no direct   reports
Individual  having  2-  3  direct reports  in  management  /  non management cadre
Individual   having   more
than 3 – 4 direct reports in Management Cadre
   Reporting to Sr. Manager & Above
Reporting to        HOD /
Functional Head.
e.g. Shift Engineers, Assistant Engineer, Jr. Executive etc.
e.g.    Manager, Dy. Manager, Asst. Manager, Engineer.
e.g.       Sr. Dy.GM, DGM, AGM, Sr. Manager.
Entry level professional in a specific field
Technical professional or guide to a group of entry level professional.
Technical leader or guide to a group of professional.
Based on the above criteria, please tick the suitable career stage:
Manage Self
Manage others
Manage Managers

(Plant / Functional Head to identify performance of the individual concerned as per the combination of performance ratings of the last 3 times)
Performance Rating (Please fill last 3 performance ratings):
Rating 1
Rating 2
Rating 3
Performance Rating

Slotting to be based on 3 rating:
Scale (Please tick suitable box )
3 A / 2 A and 1 B
3 B / 1 A and 2 B
Any other combination of Performance Rating with ‘C’ but not with ‘D’ and ‘E’.

(Based on the individual career stage, plant /functional head would assess the competencies for the current
Career stage and  potential for the next 1-2 career stage based on the following scale)

Rating C (0 – 40 %)
Rating B (40 – 80 %)
Rating A (80 – 100 %)

Potential Assessment Scale:
(Please use following 3 Point scale to assess potential of individuals for current and next 1-2 level of the career stage):
If Lead lies between 80-100 %
If lead lies between 40-80 %
If lead lies between 0-40 %

From Potential and Performance rating, the position Matrix is found to be __.      Hence the Talent Pool is ________________.
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