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Technical/Functional Competency Dictionary for Plant operation

Functional Competency Dictionary
The most important part of Competency Mapping is drafting Competency Dictionaries. You have to identify the departments and positions and accordingly club them into below mentioned categories as I have mentioned in other posts. Dictionaries should be drafted with complete information and after accumulating all facts and data.  Please read post on Functional Competency Mapping before drafting dictionaries.

Technical knowledge and working process of equipments like Ignition Furnace, Circular Cooler, Mixing & Nodulizing Drum, Double Roll Crusher, Screens, ESP’s, Weigh feeders, Fans, Bag Filter System, Grease Lubrication System  and Belt Conveyor System etc.
Knowledge about contemporary technology, alternate technology, it’s possible uses for process improvements of equipment's like Ignition Furnace, Circular Cooler, Mixing & Nodulizing Drum, Double Roll Crusher, Screens, ESP’s, Weigh feeders, Fans, Bag Filter System, Grease Lubrication System  and Belt Conveyor System etc.
Knowledge of entire Plant Equipments, it’s practical application in the process. Development of equipment and replacement of the same with latest technology.

Basic knowledge of all Standard Operating Practices (SOP), production & process parameters including the critical areas and risk involved.
Develop work instruction and SOP’s. Knowledge of equipments in related area of working in the entire plant. Knowledge of their typical behavior, history, troubleshooting, root cause analysis at failure and risk involved.
Guidance for user friendly plant operations system by application of modern delivery tools. Development of permanent solution for troubleshooting.
Basic knowledge of raw materials and product and usage.
Knowledge of raw material and their physical and chemical properties like size fractions, Fe (T), FeO, Basicity, MgO, CaO, FC, Ash Content, VM etc. Knowledge for producing desired product quality with available raw material quality.
Knowledge of raw material and product properties, their application for suitable use. Able to define specific raw material standards for desired quality product.
Converts the instructions into work and apply the technology in real work
Knowledge of new technology & its possible uses for improvements implements and instruct the technology to the lower level.
Practical application of latest development in technology and recommends it for practical use
Knowledge of raw material and product feeding and charging systems both in auto and manual modes as per requirement.
Continuous monitoring of raw material feed it’s quality physical as well as chemical analysis. Improvements of charging system to avoid spillage and jamming.
Development of quality standards for raw materials to produce quality product. Control of any deviations for incoming raw material and necessary action for outgoing product.  
Prepare Charging Burden and ensure its proper charging.
Raw Mix Burden calculation for desired product chemistry and ensure proper charging of raw mix burden.
Proper Raw Mix Burden set through mass and heat balance.
Knowledge of DCS (Distributed Control System) operations. Plant operations in coordination with upper management.
Ability to control the entire plant operations and other parameters to produce desired product . Knowledge of moisture addition in raw mix and able to control FeO, Basicity and Return Fines in product by controlling  machine speed and waste gas fan speed along with fuel addition. Able to set proper raw mix burden charging for best permeability in the process. 
Ensure smooth operations and maintenance of the entire plant equipments. Able to take corrective measures in case of any deviation. Communication with RMH and Purchase for raw material quality (Physical and Chemical). Communication with Blast Furnaces for quality and demand.
Basic knowledge of raw materials like Iron Ore Fines, Lime Fines, Dolomite Fines, Coke Fines, Sand and other metallurgical waste.
Knowledge raw materials their typical behaviors, composition, reactions, outcomes and characteristics like agglomeration etc.
Guidance and instruct subordinates for optimum usage of raw materials in process considering physical and chemical analysis for each material.

Knowledge of all process parameters like ignition furnace temperature, burn through point, ESP Inlet temperature, Moisture Control and BF gas utilization.
Controlling all process parameters by maintaining moisture, temperature & pressure profiles for producing quality product to achieve the desired production target.
Ability to incorporate best and latest manufacturing practices to optimize process parameters and improvements for achieving bottom line objectives and productivity targets.

Data entry and maintain records for history i.e. Quality, Quantity, Breakdowns, Delays and other critical equipments parameters.
Ability to analyze the data. Able to compare various quality trends, consumption trend, cost trend, consumable trends, repetitive breakdowns, Overall Equipment Efficiency etc.  Review of data and insure the availability of resources to overcome the problem occurred.
Reviews data and guidance for modification or necessary changes to eliminate occurred problems.

Effective utilization of resources and minimize the wastages to operate within budgeted norms.
Prepares budget, review progress and anticipate constraints including financial constraints, cost factors, cost estimation and cost control techniques.
Planning & budgeting for the departmental activities, allocate funds, guides for optimum utilization. Implementation of cost reduction techniques.

Maximum utilization of plant metallurgical waste for reduction in iron ore fines.
Ensure the availability of plant metallurgical waste from different areas of the plant like Rolling Mill, Plate Mill, SMS, BF-I, BF-II and Nalwa.
Ability to find new resources for metallurgical waste and encourage down line to get maximum benefits.

Avoid unwanted equipment running if the plant is under shutdown or breakdown.
Controlling unnecessary running of equipments by monitoring & instructing down lines.

Ensure proper transportation of product for uninterrupted operation of BF-II and storing product in emergency yard for BF-I
Ability to maintain stock house bins for BF-II with full of product and sufficient stock for BF-I as per instruction of HOD to meet the demand. 
Monitor the production requirement as per both Blast Furnaces and providing guidelines down line to meet the demand.

Controlling spillage, dust emission and chute jamming through continuous inspection. Continuous monitoring of cooler, no  hot product to discharge in transportation route
Ensures no material spillage, dust emission during product handling. Immediate action for rectification of the same if persists.
Specific guidelines for stopping and starting plant. Initiative for improvements in plant cleanness. 

Operation of MS-OFFICE for documentation of data and preparation of letters, equipment specifications, etc.
Knowledge of MS-OFFICE for documentation for preparing reports
Knowledge of MS-OFFICE for documentation and data analysis

Generating report through SAP as desired by Upper Management
Maintaining record with help of SAP, Managing information system to upper level
Design the modules of SAP as per the requirements, Integrated Supply Chain Information Technology

Knowledge of laws related to EMS, ISO, TPM, etc. and ensures compliance w.r.t. regulations
Knowledge of ISO, TPM, EMS, etc. and ensures implementation of laws within the department
Knowledge of ISO, TPM, EMS, etc. and forces rules and regulations within the department

Knowledge of various safety hazards & Implementation of safe practices.
Implementation of various safety measures and ensure availability of PPE
Guides and provides training associated with safety and health

Solves minor problems within the group, participates in performance appraisals
Ability to allocate jobs & effectively supervise manpower to reduce absenteeism, ability to redress shop-floor issues and grievances, Ability to provide training, participates in appraisals
Continuously upgrade skills and knowledge of employees to develop high performance work culture, ability to set performance targets and provide structured feedback about performance against targets at periodic intervals

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