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What is competency?

Competencies are the characteristics of an employee that leads to demonstration and transfer of skills and knowledge, which results in effective performance within an occupational area. Widely accepted definition in human resources is, ‘an underlying characteristic. An ‘underlying characteristics’ means the competence is fairly deep and enduring part of person’s personality and can predict behavior in wide variety of situations and job tasks. There are five types of competency characteristics;

·         Motive - motives ‘drive, direct or select’ behavior towards certain actions or goals and away from others.
·         Trait – physical characteristics and consistent responses to situations or information.
·         Self concept – a person’s attitude, values or self-image.
·         Knowledge – information a person has in specific content area.
·         Skill – the ability to perform a certain physical or mental task.

Knowledge and skill competencies are tend to be visible and called ‘on the surface’ characteristics and also relatively easy to develop; training is the most effective way to improve these employee abilities.
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