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Purpose and benefits of Functional Competency Mapping

In the modern competitive world, business managers require to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations. Manpower is the most important resource for any organization and also most difficult to manage as the level of competence in all employees vary according to the background, experience and intellect of the person. Every person has different qualities, attitudes, motives, personality traits, skill, knowledge etc. which affects their performance at work. Organizations, in order to facilitate excellence in the performance of the people are required to identify the right person for every job and improve the performance of their people. It needs a clear and cohesive performance management framework that is understood by all across the organization. For effective implementation of strategy, competencies constitute a crucial link as they bind business objectives with that of the people capabilities.

The processes in manufacturing industries involve a lot of technicalities and a majority of its workforce is engaged in technical jobs. The companies have been taking up lots of new projects to increase their productivity and improve their position in the competitive market and achieve their objective of growth and globalization.

To fulfill the vision and achieve the goals, there is a need to have an efficient workforce. While it is important to evaluate the results attained by an employee, it is also essential for the organization to emphasize on the means adopted to achieve those results. When we are able to assess and help develop the competencies of employees, the capability of the entire organization gets enhanced and this is how the losses are minimized and the entire process of production becomes cost effective.

The initiative of technical Competency Mapping of the employees encompasses a large number of employees for assessment and improvement. Organizations believe in development of their employees in the best way possible so that a competitive edge can be achieved over other organizations.

This exercise can be taken up in consonance with the above mentioned challenges and the objectives of organization. 
The main aims of Competency Mapping are as follows:
  •  To build a uniform system for measuring technical competencies of the employees and not separate systems at different locations which may have been adopted at different points of time in different departments so far.
  •  The linkage of training with organizational goals has to be clearly identified i.e., understanding whether the training need is adequately addressed to fulfill the organizational goals or not.
  •  Competency based compensation system.
  •  Recruitment and selection on the basis of competencies identified for different positions and to select best suited person.
  •  Talent management on basis of Competency Mapping

Many organizations have taken up the project of Technical Competency Mapping for its employees mainly to assess the knowledge and skills present in the employees and their required level. The exercise would enable cost reduction for the companies. The motive is to understand the gap that exists between the required and the present level and then train the employees to bring them to a desired level of proficiency required for their job. Also the exercise would help the company identify the number of employees who might be over skilled for a particular position and hence promoting them to a higher level and not training them unnecessarily.

The entire exercise of technical Competency Mapping of the employees would require in-depth generic knowledge about the work such as:
a) Operational knowledge: know each and every detail of production process
b) Knowledge on production concepts, standards and specifications
c) Job related skills and competencies
d) Technical expertise: technology used
e) Detailed knowledge of tools and equipments used
f) Awareness about effort requirement
g) Awareness of the process
h) Awareness of manpower requirement of the processes
i) Awareness of safety measures
j) Awareness of factors affecting quality and productivity
These are the kind of knowledge and skills that the employees would be tested and trained for. More or less, these are the parameters on which each employee will be checked unless his/her work purview does not include any of the factors. So, the task is to bring the employee to the level from where he would have his fundamental concepts clear and would know its applicability in the right manner in different work situations. He would know why a particular job is being done. Basically he/she would be aware of the how’s and why’s of his/her work. He would be trained in a manner that he would be competent enough to perform well and the entire workforce of the organization would be technically sound to make the company achieve its objectives effectively.

A system for technical assessment of employees has to be developed which can be uniformly followed throughout the organization. The procedures and steps have to be made in establishment of such a system. It would include all the steps that would be followed for assessment of positions and assessment of individuals in order to determine the talent pool to which the employees belong. Broadly the objectives can be stated as follows:
a) To maintain database of skill inventories so as to best utilize the skills and knowledge of employees when and where needed.
b) Develop a method where the management can differentiate between superior and average employees.
c) Talent segmentation through talent matrix in order to best use their talent in future to fulfill the organizations needs and promote the deserving employee to fill the vacant positions within the organization.

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