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Performance and potential matrix

There are several ways to review talent in the organization. Performance and Potential matrix is the most frequently used tool. It is simple to understand and apply. It helps in making a talent inventory for the organization. It is 3*3 matrices where each box has its own definition and developmental challenges. It is 9-box matrix. Each managerial employee would be reviewed on performance and potential and assigned to one of the nine boxes. On the ‘X’ axis performance would be plotted using 3 point scale, 3 being high performance, 2 medium performances and 1 low performance. On the ‘Y’ axis potential in the form of competency framework would be plotted using scale of C, B and A. ‘C’ being competencies demonstrated in the current career stage and ‘A and B’ would be the competencies demonstrated for the next 1-2 career stage.

Talent pool:

Based on the performance – potential matrix, talent pool would be created at the organizational level. Talent pool would be divided into 3 categories:
Leadership Talent: Individuals identified / assessed as 3A in performance–potential matrix.
Management Talent: Individuals identified / assessed as 2A, 2B, 3B in performance– potential matrix.
Support Talent: Individuals identified / assessed as 1A, 1B, 1C, 2C, 3C in performance – potential matrix.

Talent pool description
Leadership Talent
• Consistent exceptional performer in the current role / career stage and demonstrated potential to grown in to Leadership role.
Key characteristic are:
• Person is committed to make quantum leaps.
• Questions status quo – situations, assumptions, the way things are done & leverages the situation through innovative ideas and solutions.
• Redefines the role today and tomorrow regardless of circumstances; goes beyond expectations.
• Builds enduring greatness through a paradoxical combination of personal humility and professional will.

Management Talent
• Consistent high performer in the current role / career stage with adequate / reasonable demonstrated potential to grow to next career stage.
Key characteristic are:
• Consistently delivers high performance by optimal usage of all resources, to deliver required output.
• Organizes people and resources towards effective and efficient pursuit of pre- determined objectives.
• Very dependable.
• Leverages strengths of self and of others, in a judicious manner.
• May not be able to cope with complex/stretch assignments.

Support Talent
• Good / acceptable performance in the current role / career stage but with limited potential to move to next career stage.
Key characteristic are:
• Delivers output as directed through standardized methods & systems.
• Is motivated to perform well on the current job.
• Contributes to achievements of group objectives by working effectively with others.
• Keep current skills sharp.
• Demonstrates little efforts to build skills for next career stage.
• May confine themselves to requirements and hence, occasionally assigned stretched targets.

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