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Competency Mapping(CM)

Competition for the future is competition of opportunity share rather than market share. Competitive organizations possessing inherent strengths are exceptional in nature and they are likely to have an edge over others.

The competency is needed to access the new opportunity arena and it is up to the corporation to bring these competencies together at appropriate time within the organization. To build the competencies, the organization needs to invest money and time to access tomorrow’s market and competition among variety of products. Whether the firm is small or large or a single product or multi-products, corporate strategy is primarily about the choice of direction based on its competencies for the firm as whole.

In the modern competitive world, business managers are required to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations. As there are several factors that affect efficiency and effectiveness of operations, the improvement is required to be carried out in every factor. We are required to bring every factor in synchronization with other factors. TQM, TPM, and other similar initiatives provide direction to improvement in business operations. To improve synchronization between different elements of business is an important approach to improve effectiveness and efficiency of the operations.
The basic elements of business are: External elements:
a)      Market
b)      Public infrastructure, support facilities and services
Internal strategic elements:
a)      Technology
b)      Plant and machinery
Internal operational elements:
a)      Management system
b)      Material
c)      Technical manpower
d)     Managerial manpower
These elements should be synchronized with each other for effective operations.
Mismatch between any of two elements gives rise to wastage of time, money, and efforts, leading to loss of efficiency and effectiveness.

Technical manpower is the most important resource of any organization. This resource is also the most difficult to manage as no two persons are similar. Every person has different qualities, attitude, motives, personality traits, skills, knowledge etc. which has effect on their performance at work. Organizations, in order to facilitate excellence in performance of the people in the organization, are required to identify the right person for every job. This matching between job and people is an important avenue for organizational improvement efforts.

HR professionals are entrusted with the responsibility for selection, training and development, administration, deployment support, performance appraisal and performance diagnostics of the employees. The most important part of these responsibilities is assessment of individuals for their suitability for different functional tasks and development of their potential is effective and excels in the assigned tasks.

Currently most of the organizations are using personal interview, written tests and group discussion for the purpose of assessment. However these methods have been found to be sever limitations. HR function entrusted with the responsibility to find right person for every job and development of employed person to do the assigned job effectively, have found CM and assessment as very effective tool.

CM is a process through which one assesses and determines one’s strengths as an individual worker and in some cases, as part of an organization. Large organizations frequently employ some form of CM to understand how to most effectively employ the competencies of strengths of workers. They may also use CM to analyze the combination of strengths in different workers to produce the most effective teams and the highest quality work.

This is competency era and a significant shift towards competency based organization has been observed. People and their competencies have become the most significant factors that give a competitive edge to any corporation. HR professionals and line managers can contribute a great deal to develop competency-based organizations.

With changing business scenario and new challenges emerging in the competitive world, successful performance in any job/task has taken a critical place, for organizational success. CM is one such process that helps in identifying and mapping competencies required for successful performance in a particular role. CM and assessment has gained paramount importance in organizations, for keeping people development strategies and processes in synchronized with organizational growth and objectives and maximizing the utilization of human potential.

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